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    Help with Table Calculation

    Cameron Baird

      Please see the attached workbook.


      Excluding Orders which do not meet the following parameters:



      2. SALESPERSON -Order Table = SALESPERSON Customer Table




      I need to create a table which shows me the Customer's which meet the following parameters...


      1. The Customer does not have a monthly SUM(Sales)> 0 in any of the 3 months preceding the current month.

      2. There have been at least 3 completed calendar months since the first order delivered that met the order filters above.


      Example: If the first order delivered January 15th, January would be the first completed month, February the second, and March the third. The customer would then meet the second parameters requirement from April 1st on...


      DATETRUNC('month', DATEADD('month',3, DATETRUNC('month',[Min Delivery Date associated with the Customer] ) ) )<TODAY()



      I can create either of these parameters alone but I'm not able to create a table which accurately displays them together....I don't even want to say how long I've tried to get this done on my own...needless to say any help would be greatly appreciated.