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    Data blending - Calculated field on dimension

    Chandra Shetty

      I have 2 data sources with common information.  I need to get count based on which system the record was created first.  (If the record is only in one data source, can treat that source as if the record is created first or say "Only in system <#>")


      I created a calculated field with a simple if statement, but I needed to use aggregate function on createdDate.

      Tried ATTR & MIN to compare the CreatedDate.  But it only gets one system because it applies the min on the entire data set.  The calculated field cannot be converted to dimension & when adding to the view, it is computed as AGG()


      highly appreciate any feedback on how to resolve this.


      Sample Data & Expected result.

      First Data Source:

      Emp#       CreatedDate

      123          Jan 1, 2015

      234          Jan 2, 2015

      345          Dec 1, 2014

      444          Jan 5, 2015


      Second Data Source

      Emp#       CreatedDate

      123          Jan 7, 2015

      234          Jan 7, 2015

      987          Dec 25, 2014

      444           Nov 1, 2014


      Expected Result:


      CreatedFirstIn           Count

      First Data Source        3

      Second Data Source   2