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    Excel file "currently in use" when nothing is using it

    Josh Inglis

      Background: I have an excel file stored on a folder within the Tableau Server that is used as a data source for a Tableau Workbook currently published on my company's tableau site. The connection between the two files is not live.


      Problem: Every Monday I get a newly updated data set from another employee that would update the excel sheet on the Tableau Server. When I either opened the file to make changes and then simply save, or tried to overwrite the file on the server, I get "Excel cannot save this file because the file is currently in use."


      Temporary Solution: I rebuilt the data connection and closed the old connection and everything seemed to work fine.


      This seems overly complicated to simply update and excel sheet. Is there anyway to find out what is keeping the excel sheet in use when nothing should be (excel is closed, tableau is closed, no one accessing the View/Project on the site)?