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    Browser Back Button Generates NULL User in _HTTP_Requests

    Jeff Bloomfield

      Not sure if this is expected behavior or not, so wanted to reach out to the community to solicit feedback before going to support.


      We currently have Tableau Server 8.2.5 deployed in a multi-server environment (1 primary, 2 viz workers, & 2 data workers).  Users are coming through a portal and are being authenticated by trusted ticket, and are then are served up their visualizations through an iFrame window.


      We have a Workbook that has multiple dashboards in it, and on almost all of the dashboards we are using actions (attached to 'navigation' buttons) to take the user from one dashboard to the next.  There are a couple of 'sales collateral' dashboards in this workbook that don't have the navigation buttons set up, so during testing users are using their browser back button to navigate back to the previous page.


      Since we are using actions to allow the user to navigate around, I have built a view off of the _http_requests table that allows me to track a user's activity using their vizql_session.  During user testing, I noticed in my report that I had an inordinate number of NULL user names, and realized through additional testing that once a users hits their browser back button, Tableau appears to be assigning them a new vizql_session and the username associated with that session is now NULL. 


      I realize that the info provided is fairly high-level, but before going too much deeper I wanted to see if this sounds like the way that Tableau Server should handle a user hitting the back button on their browser when in an iFrame?


      Thanks in advance,