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    Extract API/Java - Works with extracts created by the API, but not with extracts created in Tableau UI - What am I doing wrong?

    Charles Seelig



      This code -


      try (Extract extract = new Extract(path)) {


      } catch (Throwable t) {




      When path refers to "order-java.tde", (an extract file created by the API in the sample application) - no problem.


      When path refers to an extract file created using Tableau Desktop, it throws this error -


      com.tableausoftware.TableauException: table name must be "Extract"

          at com.tableausoftware.DataExtract.Extract.<init>(Unknown Source)

          at com.tableausoftware.demos.ReadTableProperties.main(ReadTableProperties.java:20)


      As for 'table name must be "Extract"' - I used a text file called Extract.txt to create an extract called Extract.tde. Which may not be enough, or even relevant, but it was all I could think of to get past the error.


      I'll also point out that the "Table Name" in both extracts - mine and the one created by the demo app - is the same. It is reported as -


      Extract (Extract.Extract)


      That's literal - not sure what to make of the parenthetic bit.


      Thank you,