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    Tableau Server User Research Participants Needed

    Tom Fuller

      Hi all,


      We are looking for a few Tableau users to participate in a study focusing on the new Tableau Server 9.0 interface. If you haven't had a chance to check out the Tableau Server beta release, here's a great opportunity. We need a couple of more participants with admin experience, but we also need some non-admin users. If you know someone, pass it on.

      Who are we looking for?

      We need users with a range of experience with Tableau. If you do any of the following, we want to hear from you.

      • View or interact with workbooks and views via a web browser
      • Create or edit views and publish them to Tableau Server
      • Perform system or site administrator tasks such as creating projects, adding users and groups, managing permissions, scheduling tasks, etc.
      • Users with little-to-no experience with the alpha and beta releases are preferred.

      What is involved?

      The study will be about 1.5 hours long, and you will be asked to do the following: 

      • Discuss your current experience with Tableau Server (common tasks, issues that you are having, or questions that you have.
      • Perform a series of tasks with a pre-release version of the Tableau Server, and provide feedback.

      When and where?

      • A 1.5 hour session sometime between Wednesday January 14 and Friday January 23. I will schedule time slot that is convenient for you.
      • We will setup a remote videoconference.  Or If you happen to be based in the Seattle area, we'd love to meet you in person.


      If you are interested please email me with a bit of information about your experience with Tableau Server, and I will contact you.



      Tom Fuller