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    trusted ticket authentication mechanism for a Multi-Site Tableau Setup


      Tableau Experts

      We are working on integrating Tableau Environment V 8.3 (Local Authentication Mechanism) with Open LDAP for external user authentication. Seek your help on understanding a couple of HOW TO's here.


      Our User case:

      1) We have a dedicated site for a group of Users (the Site Name and Site ID are different)

      2) We want to generate the trusted ticket from this dedicated site and use this ticket to display content hosted on the same dedicated site.


      Sample code that we are using for POST and GET Requests:


      URL for ticket generation : http://tabserver/t/DedicatedSiteID/trusted

      URL for exposing Tableau Content: http://tabserver/trusted/t/DedicatedSiteID/views/


      Issue: Seems like there is an issue in the way we are specifying the URL for ticket generation or usage because when we try the trusted ticket mechanism on the default site, it works well, HOWEVER we are not able to get it to work on the DedicatedSite.


      We have already configured/added the web server (added the IP of the web server and not the host name) as a trusted server on Tableau and have also set the unrestricted tickets property to true.


      Kindly advise, if we are missing something specific in here.


      Appreciate your thoughts.

      Rakesh Rallapalli