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    'Permission denied' Error while changing filter value

    Shafi Mohammad

      Hi All,


      I have user who is trying view a tableau view on IE and is facing an error as in below screen shot while trying to change filter value.

      The initial view loads fine but when a filter is changed the below error pops up.

      It works fine for me but doens't work for the user.


      permissions denied.jpg


      The user has the required permissions on tableau server to be able to interact with the view and also has permission over the data source.


      What I've observed is that the user has bookmarked the view URL and whenever the URL is accessed a '#x' (x-->is any digit) is appended to URL while viewing and when this #x is removed from the URL, it works fine while changing the filter.


      For example, if the URL for view is,


      URL while viewing,





      Did anyone encounter this before? Does anybody happen to know why are these #x appended to view URLs when they are accessed? Does it refer to any cache for the view?


      Thanks in advance for all your inputs.