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    Date filter on various metrics

    Naquiyah Cash

      Hi Tableau super users.


      I was wondering if someone could help me here.


      I have a table thats consists of the last 90 days worth of data by Client that will refresh at the end of every month with various metrics.


      Below I have a small sample of this data with 2 metrics for 4 days. I want to see by Cient ID -


      1. Custom URL as of the most current date in the table
      2. Sum of Publisher Changes for the data in the table.

      Here is the raw data

      Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.47.24 PM.png


      Here is the outcome


      Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 1.48.10 PM.png


      The Date filter won't work for this scenario  -


      I could use the above on two different tables and then join the table in one




      the reason it won't work for me is because all I want is the last days data for Custom URL and if I insert date filter as of last 1 day and create an extract and package workbook it, the next day there is no information in the packaged workbook as its finding the last 1 day which is now last 2 days.


      This workbook will only now get refreshed next month to the users I am sending it to.


      I have attached a workbook.


      Let me know if there is an easy solution to this problem as I have over 40 metrics I have a live connection to. I am also working on putting all these metrics in one table in Hadoop that I connect to in Tableau for analysis without having to create too many joins in tableau so if you believe I could organise my data better and that would solve the problem too then do let me know.


      Any advice on this would be highly appreciated




      Naquiyah Cash

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          KK Molugu



          Do you want to see what the outcome as you mentioned above. Hope this works.



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            Naquiyah Cash

            Hi The specified item was not found.


            Thanks for your response here.


            I tried to do this by adding another set of data where the last day for Client ID 12546 is 6. I am not able to generate what you have there. Is there something I may be missing?


            Having said that as much as I like table calculations this won't work here as I have over 10 metrics that need this with conditional formatting on them which I will then be using to add to a summary table in the end. I feel like I want to have the data just filter out the last from the raw data as appose to the view if that makes sense? Or otherwise maybe it would be best to change my back end data to just show the last number and all others to be 0 and sum that.


            What do you reckon?


            Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 3.11.01 PM.png