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    Media company seeks Tableau freelancer

    anne holland

      We are seeking a tableau freelancer to help with a weekly project called, 'Marijuana Business Chart of the Week'. You would be paired with a journalist on our team who will find data and write up an accompanying article. Secondly, we publish two rather large reports packed with charts  each year (200 charts and 100 charts respectively) that we also need a freelancer to help with. Some data is from 3rd party sources, but most is from complex surveys we run ourselves using Formstack. Formstack does allow survey data to be downloaded to Excel and/or other common files types, although the output is not pretty.


      You should be:

      - experienced and glib at using Tableau

      - someone who can help a journalist turn data into an interesting story --someone who can see angles and recommend chart-styles

      - good at eyeballing results to spot overt inaccuracies in either data collection or output

      - detail orientated when it comes to avoiding typos in field titles, chart names


      We are located across the US, with head offices in Rhode Island. You would need to be available during at least East Coast business hours and be able to speak by phone/skype on occasion. Native English speaker preferred.


      For more info contact Anne Holland, anneh@annehollandventures.com