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    Tableau Security implementation

    Vinod Reddy

      I have a question regarding tableau server security and what will be the best way to implement that.

      Lets say i have organization hierarchy like this

      1. Department

      2. Function

      3. Team

      3.1. Viewer

      3.2. Core data Analyst

      3.3. Data analyst


      My requirements:


      1. The one who is at department should she all the dashboards belongs to his department.

      2. The one at the funciton level should able to see all the dashboards at the function.

      3. The one who is in a team should she dashboards belongs to particular team.

      4. Adhoc viewers can see cross department dashboards.

      5. Core data analyst can create datasource and modify dashboards.

      6. Data analyst can only modify the dashboard.

      7. How to handle one time viewer requests.

      8. If some one from outside functional group has to see a work book then, in which group we have add him(or just add his name to




      We are working on two solutions

      1. Create the 6 groups each for one hierarchy mentioned above for each department.

      2. Create 3 groups for each work book, a viewer, a core data analyst and data analyst. we have around 100 workbooks


      Which one you suggest is the better option to provide security and to maintain in the long run.