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    How to get the dates between a startDate and an endDate

    Jonathan Barberi

      Hi all,


      I'm new to Tableau Software and I would like to know how to solve this simple problematic.


      I am connected on a datasource "contracts" with a contract start date and a contract end date fields.


      Using those two fields, I'm able to calculate month by month how many new customer I gain on a specific month using the contract start date, and the same for the number of customer lost on a specific month.


      By now, I want to track how many total customer I had on a timeline starting on a specific date up to today.


      But, the problem is that I don't know how to get all the months between the startDate and the endDate as a column ...


      Then, with this date field, I would be able to create a calculated field like :


      IF [contract start date] <= [aMonth]


        IF ([contract end date] > [aMonth] OR ISNULL([contract end date])) THEN









      To count how many active contracts I have on a month ...


      Maybe you can help me to achieve this !