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    Can we copy TDE files of one server to secondary server?


      Hi there, in a try to create a cloned copy of primary tableau server and create secondary exactly same server copy, can we copy \dataengine folder to secondary server? will this work?


      Does anyone have any similar scenario to create a clone secondary server? what approach did you take?

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          Matt Coles

          We have a failover server that mirrors our primary server. If the primary server goes down, we direct all traffic to the secondary so that users are (mostly) not interrupted in their work. Is that the use case you're trying to achieve?

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            Jen Vaughan

            Create a .tsbak file from server 1 and restore it to Server 2. The data from your server 1 backup file will populate Server 2 Tableau database and restore configuration data from server 1.

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              SYED REHMAN

              Yes this may also work for us as we can use failover server as secondary server to fix the network latency issue we have i-e users in Western part of the country getting slower performance from the primary server which is hosted at Eastern part of the country (Canada).


              Can you please advise How do you mirror your failover server? Fyi. For the reason stated above, we want to have our 2nd server in distant other part of the country.


              How do you disable data refresh tasks from running from 2nd server, or may be you just keep that server down until you need it?

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                SYED REHMAN

                Yep I tried that but as I mentioned to Matthew in earlier post, our server are very far from each other and simply copying .TBSAK file (10-15GB) may take hours. After we restore, how would be disable tasks from running on both servers?




                Syed Rehman

                TELUS | the future is friendly®

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                  Matt Coles

                  So, we have two scenarios in our environment:


                  1. Maintain a local failover server in a "warm" state, ready to rescue users should the primary server go down, and also to prevent downtime during planned maintenance windows.

                  2. Improve the user experience by creating "mirror" servers of a primary to serve specific geographic regions.


                  Each of these topics is worthy of an entire article. Both come with their own headaches, but (2) is far harder, in my opinion, than (1).


                  Here are a few questions to think about:


                  • Do you already have data source servers (e.g. SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, what have you) mirroring the live data in the geographic regions you want to support?
                  • Will the users be able to publish content to the mirror server? If so, should it be replicated back to the primary? (2 way synchronization?) Or will you maintain separate, localized content as well as content being synchronized from the primary?


                  In our environment for (2), we have one primary server here in Seattle, and we've created two separate Tableau Server instances that serve EMEA and APAC. Select content from the Seattle server is synchronized on a differential basis to the other two into specific read-only Projects via a custom Powershell script (though now there is Interworks' Enterprise Deployment tool that can do this too). Localized SQL Server mirrors exist next to all three of the Tableau Server instances, and all refresh their extracts based on those. Permissions changes made to the Primary in Seattle must be manually replicated to the other two servers, as must any changes to the extract schedules. All of that must be done by a Server Admin, because you can't impersonate the original publisher when you use tabcmd publish.


                  That's the high level. It's quite a bit of extra work, the process is hard to explain to the publishers, and you inevitably have more issues because of the added complexity, but it does improve the experience for the remote users.


                  I've also wondered how much some WAN acceleration products might improve the situation, without adding in all the additional complexity that a multi-Server environment would introduce. But I've done no testing on that front.

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                    SYED REHMAN

                    Thanks Matthew for detail.

                    I am not worried about live connection databases as for slow performing workbooks or connections we can also suggest users to use TDE instead of live so that will not be an issue.


                    I love the idea of Mirror server but am not sure how to do that. Backing up primary (both content and config) and restore on Mirror on daily basis seams like a simpler solutions but this comes with some issues;

                      1. Copy over huge backup files to secondary server location itself takes time - Is there any way would could copy only incremental changes in content? hence the deltacopy question I origanlly asked?

                      2. If we somehow restore the content, we wouldn't wanna run the scheduled tasks again on 2nd server. How to disable those automatically?


                    WAN accelation products? never heard of this. let me goo

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                      Matt Coles

                      For your first question: Yes, you can write your own set of scripts that query the Repository databases on both the primary and the mirror, determine what content differs, then use tabcmd "get" and tabcmd "publish" to update the workbook or datasource on the mirror in a differential way (only when a change is detected). Again, another alternative is Interwork's Enterprise Deployment tool, which can do this kind of synchronization for you without any coding (I have used it only a bit, but it seems solid).


                      With the backup/restore strategy, what we do on our warm failover server is leave the schedules running, but we edit all the hosts files on all our Tableau Server hosts such that they block all traffic to our SMTP server. This ensures that users don't get duplicate subscriptions sent to them. I had previously tried to use a SQL query to update all the Subscriptions schedules to disable them, but it was extremely unreliable (not to mention unsupported and generally a bad idea). For extract refreshes, we just run our extracts on both systems. But they're local so they don't have the issue you have. You may be able to do the same thing using hosts files, and redirect all traffic to your database / file servers to the null route so that they all instantly fail, all the time, but you'd have to stay on top of all new servers that anyone ever tried to connect to. Another (non-optimal) option is to disable ALL schedules and instead set up Windows Scheduled Tasks that manually call them using tabcmd runschedule to execute them. These would be enabled on your Primary, but disabled on the mirror. Neither of these options are good, but they're all I can think of off the top of my head.


                      I'll say it again because it bears repeating--trying to put together a geographical deployment of on-Premise servers that share content automatically is a pretty big headache.

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                        SYED REHMAN

                        Thanks Matthew. Looking at these challenges I am not leaning towards having 2 separate servers both for East and West to make things easier ☺ appreciate your help.




                        Syed Rehman

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                          Cristian Vasile



                          On top of Matthew suggestions I would like to point you to a free cost - entry level wan acceleration / wan optimization software developed by wanos (Free Wan Optimization Software | Wanos)


                          Setup a PoC and see if makes sense for you.


                          Also, if you run windows 2012 OS I suggest you to enable data deduplication  -  see this article here Data Deduplication Overview


                          Hope this helps.