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    Tableau & SAP BW

    Larry Fields

      Good Morning Everyone!


      We're currently using SAP and SAP BW and are looking at implementing Tableau for dashboarding and visual analytics. I wanted to reach out to the group and see if there was anyone else in St. Louis who is currently using Tableau with SAP BW. As we've recently started developmenet on our first set of dashbards were noticing small issues/problems that seem to be realated to SAP BW. We have taken several classes offered by Tableau as well as watched several videos but one thing that stands out is that all the content, tutorials, etc. all seem to go against a traditional relational database.


      So far we've been able to:

      • Connect to SAP
      • Use BEx queries and Cubes as datasources


      Some of the things were noticing are:

      • Data types are not defined on the dimensions when working in SAP BW
      • We seem to have lost some functionality such as viewing the source data
      • Dimensions are nested
      • Dimensions seem to be named something diffrerent than in Tabluea than in the cube or query (Industry Level 01, what is that? This field does not exist in my cube or query)
      • Where is the extraction feature? We've read a post that indicates we need a new product key?


      Some of the questions we have are

      • Is it better to use a BEx query or a Cube as your datasource?
      • Should we use a live connection or extract data


      So I wanted to reach out to the user gruop and see if there is anyone who is currently implementing or has successfully implement Tableau with SAP BW. If there is I would love to pick your brain and see what worked, what issues you faced, and what advise you may have for someone who is starting this implementation.



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          Jordane Elmassian

          HI Larry!


          Have you had the chance to get in touch with or meet other Tableau users in St Louis? We have started a team of 4 users within MasterCard, and we are mainly getting data from Oracle. We could meet to trade ideas.




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            Larry Fields



            Thanks for the reply. I've not had any response from the community yet regarding tableau w/ sap bw but have had a number of conversations with tableau. While nothing has been decided yet we are looking at extracting sap/bw data to a sql database and using that as our database.


            Regarding meeting up and sharing some ideas I'm all for that but keep in mind were just getting started so not sure how much we have to share.