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    FAQ:  Holidays & Workdays



      The power of NETWORKDAYS with Tableau



      2014-12-02    Calculating the Number of Business Days | Tableau Software

      2014-05-12    Displaying Only Business Days | Tableau Software


      Meaning of Formatting

      2014-05-22  Ignored

      2014-05-22  Answered

      2014-05-22  Correctly Answered



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                                    but exclude weekend days and US holidays.

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      2013-01-24    REPOSTING DUE TO NO RESPONSES:  Include Date value of Null when prior business day is selected

      2013-01-24    Include Date value of Null when prior business day date is selected

      2012-12-17    Holidays

      2012-12-07    calculate count of orders for a customer based on all dates during the period,
                                    not just dates where said customer placed…

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      2008-10-09    The specified item was not found.

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