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    Tableau Javascript API - not adding lines to the chart

    saranya karthi

      Hi Everyone,

      I am trying with Javascript API in Tableau. I was passing values from HTML to Tableau using applyFilterSync('Col Name','value','REPLACE'). It was filtering the dashboard based on the filter value successfully.

      Now I have a pass the array of values to add new lines  to the existing charts. In the existing charts(capture 1 image) I have 2 lines one for Actual value and other for Projected value.

      I would like to add one or  more lines to chart based on the user selection in HTML. In HTML, I have region Checkbox (Central,South,East,West).

      In HTML(Capture 2 image) if I select region checkbox Central,South, i want to get 2 more lines to the existing charts like the image (Capture 3).

      So in javascript ,I used the below code

      Code in Javascript:

      function Addlines()


        var check = document.getElementsByName("Rgn"); 
        var textArray = [];                           
          for(var c = 0; c < check.length;c++)
                textArray .push(check[c].value);                                


        alert(textArray);  // this textArray gives the list of region selected in the HTML checkbox
        var filterName = 'ColumnName';  //This ColumnName will be 'Region'
        sheet = viz.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet();
        if(sheet.getSheetType() === 'worksheet') {
        sheet.applyFilterAsync(filterName, textArray , 'ADD'); // For testing, I even hardcoded textArray with 'Central'
        } else {
        worksheetArray = sheet.getWorksheets();
        for(var i = 0; i < worksheetArray.length; i++) {
        worksheetArray[i].applyFilterAsync(filterName,textArray , 'ADD');



      The above code is not adding the new line for region(ie applyFilterSync 'ADD'), instead it is doing the same function as 'REPLACE' filtering the Actual value for Region(Central/South/East/West).


      Can someone please suggest a way to do this.


      Thanks for your help in advance.