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    Display rank of events

    Derek Evans

      Hi all! New to tableau and I didn't see the question in the discussion forums, but I may not be phrasing what I want to do correctly, so bear with me.


      I have a database of activity occuring in a warehouse.. for example:


      TimeLocationModel Picked
      Jan 7 1:00 pmBay AModel 1
      Jan 7 2:00 pmBay BModel 2
      Jan 7 3:00 pmBay CModel 3


      I have the data displaying on a graphical map for a day.




      I would like to display the rank order in which they occured below each dot - I assume as some sort of calculated field and mark, but I'm not having success. Even better if possible, I'd like it to be dynamic so it would change as the user filters across different days and hours.


      Any help would be appreciated!