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    Date Time Difference from different rows

    Jason Collison

      I am starting to use Tableau to view the data that our network monitoring system is collecting to get a better view of all the data and a better understanding


      I have an event log that shows when a device stops and starts to respond to network pings

      There are other items in the event log, but I pulled out the ones that I am interested in


      I am trying to get a time in min of how long the device was down.

      I have not found a way to make a report that shows


      “NetObjectID” went down at “EventTime with EventType of 1” and back up at “EventTime with EventType of 5” with an overall down time of “X min”


      Then another report that shows “NetObjectID” over the last X days was down for X days, X hours, X min


      The problem I am having is getting the date difference with different rows


      The columns are


                      A generated # for that event


                      Time it was logged


                      The ID of the device, this is the ID I use to join another table to get the device details


                      The 2 event types I am interested in are

      1 = device is down

      5 = device is up