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    Coloring the Dupes (I'm a dupe! because I over-engineered the solution :)

    Keith Helfrich

      Hi everyone,


      I feel like such a dupe!  .. because I know there's an easier way

      In the attached workbook, the goal is to highlight all those Bocce Teams that appear more than once with a distinct color.  And to do it in a simpler way, one that allows for a custom color palette to be assigned.


      What I've done ~works, but it's kludgey.  And since I'm using table-calcs, I'm stuck with the colorful "Tableau 20" rainbow. Can't assign a default color palette to measure pills.  And I need to use my own, custom color palette with darker, earthier tones.


      PS -- there is lots of data, and we can't predict in advance which data will be displayed by the user.  There is, however, one helpful facet: for each "League" within my data, we will always look at all of the records that are available.  In other words, we'll look at one league at a time, and all the teams within it (not a subset of teams).


      Please take a look ?



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