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    Simple question(s) - Count Null or Blanks and adding calc fields

    Rick James

      Hi - I am new to Tableau and have stumbled upon what seems to be easy to do but I am just banging my head and can't seem to figure it out -


      Problem 1: I want to count null or blank boxes using just a field in Measures section - in my case its called "Attempted"

      Is there an easy way to do so? Count or CountD seems to eliminate nulls but I need this to be reversed and count the actual blanks or nulls in dataset?

      Problem 2: I have a calculated filed that is based on other calculations - "Total AA & AW" & "Total P1, P3, P4, PB" that I want to show value by adding their individual calculated fields. I can't seem do to this even if when I add SUM() between the calcs. You can see that it works fine for "Total IS & AS" because I wrote IF/THEN statement for it? Do I need to do this for other 2 Total fields as well?

      Problem/Solution: I have one more calculated field "Future" in my workbook - can you verify if the calc is correct - what I am wanting to show in "Future" field that it should Filter on "Start Date" and count all "Number of Records" all after current date - is my approach correct?

      Thank you for your help in advance. I have attached a sample workbook.

      P.S. I am sure I will have more questions as next things I am working on it calculating next month, 2 months, 3 months from now but for now this will give me some guidance.