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    Load testing results twbx

    Rob Anderson



      I have been diving into load testing Tableau Server and I found the built in reports received for my testing tool to be a bit hard to read and lacking.  So I created this workbook to visualize results from a load testing scenario.  I used LoadRunner to run my test, but as long as you have column names that match in Excel, you can get your test results anywhere.  My sample data is from a test I ran on some fantasy baseball data, so nothing special there.


      I have created some calculated fields that allow you to visualize Average/Min/Max Response Time, Median Response vs. an Acceptable Response time, and the Difference for the Average Response time.  Additionally, I have included views that show a timeline of the test with a moving average for each transaction, and a bar chart that shows you every transaction in order by response time with Pass/Fail for that transaction.


      Instructions are included for the needed column names and replacing the data source.


      This is not an official Tableau workbook and was done for my own personal enlightenment.  I hope it helps you understand your load test results better.  I welcome any and all feedback/suggestions for the workbook.




      Please Note:  This workbook was created in Tableau Desktop 8.3.1