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    Is it possible to fix a "date range" in the Axis but without fixing the dates?


      I have a database that is updated every hour with the "income" received in the last 60 minutes.

      The client wants to be able to measure how is the income today against yesterday.


      I was able to create the graphic by using a double axis in the Date/Time field, by fixing the axis range (24 hours), which gives me a neat view even for today, where I don't have all the hours yet.


      The only problem is that the client wants it to "auto-update" everyday, which means that tomorrow, he wants to compare tomorrow against today - but since I fixed the axis range, it won't work unless someone change the axis. So what I wanted to do is fix the date range in the Axis (24 hours) but without fixing the dates (like in the example, 01/jan/2015 and 02/jan/2015).


      Is there a way to do it? Does someone had the same problem before?


      2015-01-06 12-07-40.png


      Thank you,