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    How can we continue to help you?

      Hello fellow admins and server enthusiasts,


      In an effort to make our Community as accessible and helpful as possible, I'd love to know how this Server space can better help you. What would you all like to see out of this space and how can we make it even better? I've been thrilled so far by the activity I've seen and I'd love to hear some feedback on how to improve the space.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Eric McDonald

          It is particularly good already!

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            Syed Khadir Ahmed



            I really appreciate the way things are in Tableau Community.. I have few suggestion which can be integrated to make it more competitive/informative for the users who are helping others ..


            1. At present we see only Weekly leaders.. If we could filter that by Week/Month/Year.. That will be awesome.

            2. Once a Question is answered that should be marked as "Correct Answer" in case the end use isn't marking it.. (I understand this may be far beyond the scope) But  it will he helpful for others who are trying to help and they can skip that question.

            3. I some how find Calculations a difficult task.. Most of the Videos which I saw have very basic type of Calculation (I may have missed others) it doesn't talk about the errors which we face and how to handle it.. Especially when we are working with Complex Calculations... i suggest that we should have a Library which will have a real time scenario or uses cases which list the formulas.. specially for dates.. ATTR ...


            I will add few more as I get it.. Thank you!!

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              Toby Erkson


              1.  Personally, I don't care about this.  It's not a contest for me and I don't see the value.  It's equivalent to 3D charts.

              2.  You're preaching to the choir!  This has been a complaint for a looong time.  It's up to the original poster to do this and it seems many people just don't do it.  They're happy to throw out dozens of questions without appropriate follow-up.   All we can do is ask the people who ask the questions to please mark the appropriate posts as Answered.

              3.  This sounds more like a normal Forum question and not Server specific.  Have you checked out the Calculation Reference Library?

              If you have something else in mind then please explain.

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                Toby Erkson

                Diego, any changes here for improvement would likely be done to the regular Forums as well, such as a global forum change.  I like the simple categories we have compared to the broader, sometimes ambiguous ones in the regular Forum.

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Diego, here's something to work on that I just experienced:  A location for users to store workbooks, documentation, applications, etc. like what the TabWiki and Workbook Library do.


                  I was looking for an Excel application I created that I originally had in the TabWiki.  When the Server Admin. forums were created Tracy moved some of my workbooks from TabWiki to this forum.  While that makes sense I now see that they get lost under a bunch of posts and are no longer easy to find like they once were inside the TabWiki.  Here's one example, Password Encryption For TABCMD.  In the TabWiki it was easy to find because the number of threads in that category are small and in the Overview tab the person's avatar is present, thus giving another marker for someone to recognize and filter by -- I'm visual so I can identify avatars faster than having to read an author's name.  To find the aforementioned thread I had to scan through 6 pages to find it.  As time goes on that page count will get higher!  Not easy, particularly if someone doesn't know exactly what search words to use.


                  Actually, the more I think about this the more I don't like the current situation.  There are documents in here by others that are going to be lost as well.