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    Singapore Mapping

    E.K. YAP

      I am using Tableau Public 8.3, and trying to chart some simulated data based on Singapore geographical location. I tried the 6 digits postal code, and 2 digits (01 to 26, as well as 01 to 80) but neither one can Match the geocode which I presumed is already in Tableau that provide the latitude and longitude, so it can be plotted on the map. Anyone knows the trick?

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          Sean Boon



          We currently do not have postal codes for Singapore available in Tableau directly.

          We currently support postal codes in the following areas:

          • Australia
          • New Zealand
          • UK
          • Germany
          • France
          • Canada
          • USA


          When we add Singapore postal codes it would be helpful if we could validate them against your data.  If you could attach a workbook with them listed here or even an Excel workbook with them listed, we would appreciate it. 




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            E.K. YAP



            Geopostcodes.com offers the database cost $200. Tableau should be affordable to purchase it and upload it.


            This database should be trust worthy, just need some users to try them out.


            There are sample data available from the website.




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              E.K. YAP



              The cost may be higher depends how geopostcodes classified the application in Tableau.


              Details should be found in the website.