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    Row Column Reporting

    Ania Domagala

      I have tried to search this and cannot seem to find anything.


      I am fairly new to Tableau and in the process of migrating my existing reports. I extract everything from a SQL database and have found where I can paste my SQL scripts. I have extracted the data that I need but now need to present this information, as per the users requirements into a row column report. The same way you would see it in excel.

      There are no calculation metrics. Basically the same way you would look at a database table that the users have access to. There are dimension columns and columns with numbers.

      The next question I have, every time I make a change on my report it keeps refreshing the data, which adds extra pressure to the database and slows down my development process. How can I disable this function once it has pulled the data through once. Surely this data is stored in memory?


      Thanks in advance for your help.