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    Add Dimension Based on Measure

    ram u



      Is it possible to create a newdimension based on measures...? i've created a report that shows current and previous month comparison.

                                                               Sep -2014              Agu-2014                             Comparison

                                                        US              INTL          US           INTL                 US              INTL

      Mobile customer visits                000000      000000          000000      000000             (0.0%)       (0.0%)

      Unique Customer Visits              000000      000000           000000      000000             (0.0%)       (0.0%)


      Mobile site visits                        000000      000000            000000      000000              0.0%)       (0.0%)

      Mobile App visits                       000000      000000             000000      000000             (0.0%)       (0.0%)

      Mobile to Pc visits                     000000      000000             000000      000000             (0.0%)       (0.0%)



      here what i'm looking is i want to add a Category dimension that Correspondence to the measures.


                                                                          Sep -2014                      Agu-2014               Comparison

      Category                          Key Metrics            US        INTL         US          INTL            US          INTL

      Mobile Activity    Mobile customer visits       00000      000000        000000      00000         (0.0%)      (0.0%)

                                Unique Customer visits     00000       000000       000000      00000         (0.0%)     (0.0%)


      Mobile Activity    Mobile site visits                0000      000000          000000      00000         (0.0%)      (0.0%)

                                Mobile App visits               00000      000000         000000     00000         (0.0%)      (0.0%)

                                Mobile to Pc visits             00000      000000         000000      000000       (0.0%)      (0.0%)

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          Joshua Milligan



          Assuming the each of the rows is a distinct measure and you are using Measure Names / Measure Values, then no, I don't believe you will be able to do this in a single view.  You cannot reference Measure Names in a calculated field.


          One possibility would be to create two separate views and put them together on a dashboard.  You could label them using two hard-coded calculated fields or just text objects on the dashboard.


          If I've mis-understood what you are trying to do, please attach a workbook and I'll gladly take a look!




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            ram u

            Hi Joshua,


            Thanks for your reply. and Yes you right i've used measure names and measure values.


            Could you please explain is there any way that i can add lable ( Key Metrics) for Measure Names . and how to add dimensions for these measures.

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              Joshua Milligan



              If you split the rows into multiple views on a dashboard, you could use text objects for labels.  Or you could create calculated fields with the values hard-coded.  There is not a way that I know of to do this in a single view.  I'd be happy to take a look at a workbook (even a screenshot might help).




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                ram u



                Could you please suggest me the best possible solution:


                Do i need to ask our database developer to create Category Dimension...? or Use Text Objects.

                I'm sorry Joshua i can't share sample package because of data confidential.