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    Count (or sum) unique IDs based on a calculated field that groups them.


      I have this really "simple" database with Vendors (IDs), their possible costumers (int) and their converted costumers (int) by month. With this information I was trying to create "groups" by using a calculated field based in the conversion rate (%) - which can and will change based on the month or year I'm looking for (e.g. Vendor A can be in Group 1 in November, but in Group 6 in December).


      What I wanted to achieve is a simple text list with these groups (a calculated field) and the number of vendors in each group.


      I'm under the impression this is something really easy, but I'm missing something. I tried to Google it and found a few alternatives, which you'll be able to see in the attached workbook for creating a bar graphic, etc. But how can I do it in an elegant way? And also, I was unable to find a way to put it in a text list.


      Thank you,