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    vamsi manohar

      Dear Team,


      How to get maximum load from location based?


      Please find the attachment and need your suggestions


      in India map i need to show where maximum load is going?




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          Syed Khadir Ahmed

          Hi Vamshi,


          I hope when you say load .. You are talking about Quantity and you wanted to show how much quantity is consumed by a particular city?


          Just check the attached spreadsheet.. Let me know if that helps.. Thank you!!



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            vamsi manohar

            Thanks Syed

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              Syed Khadir Ahmed

              You are most welcome Vamsi.. :-)

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                vamsi manohar

                Syed please help me out


                Create Employee utilization report as explained below. Use visualization to differentiate the best and worst utilized employees.


                • The input table “Employee Period” has Employee Code, End Date Time.
                • The Input table “Public Holidays” has list of public holidays (without Weekends).
                • We need to find the Working hours between start date and end date by excluding public holidays and weekends.
                • Working hours are between (9am – 6pm) using which, you need to derive the actual working hours. Also, find the total working hours possible between the start and end dates to report the overall utilization of the employee (check the example below).


                • An issue may span over a longer period of time, probably over a week/ Month.
                • Weekends should be excluded in the time calculation.
                • Public Holidays should be excluded in the time calculation. 
                • A public holiday may fall on a weekend; caution is required in this scenario


                Working hours between (9am – 6pm)

                Employee Code



                Time Taken in hours

                Time taken in days


                03/07/2014 3:00pm

                03/07/2014 6:00pm




                03/07/2014 3:00pm

                04/07/2014 10:00am



                In The second scenario, day 1, issue work started at 3pm and ended at 6pm so that’s 3 hours, in addition the next days’ time is till 10 am, and so that’s a total of 4 hours. But the utilization for employee 1 is 3*100/9 = 33.33% versus the employee 2 for whom it is 4*100/18 = 22.22%.


                Please find the attachment there in community