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    Dynamic number of parameters based on number of rows in a dimension

    Kristy McGee

      Is there any way to have a dashboard with a 'popping parameter' sort based on the number of rows in a particular  dimension.  In this case, we have courses.  We would ideally want to be able to filter this for a number of things.  When a user inputs the parameter (starting balance), it calculates the ending balance based on the calculation in the Licenses Used column.  The calculation is dynamic now, not tying down the specific course names down, but I have had to create a number of parameters to act as  a 'cushion'.


      Is there a way to do this automatically?  I could create a sheet for each parameter and do a 'poppping parameter', but that would look crazy ugly by the end of 35 parameters (current value), and it doesn't auto create or anything. Sorry to include all you guys on this thread, but I have hit a brick wall here and need all the help i can get.  The user also wants to see ALL data associated with these, down to the student info (4+ million records), but that is for another discussion.   Shawn Wallwork Russell Christopher Jonathan Drummey Mark JacksonDynamic Parameters.JPG

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Kristy McGee,


          This seems like a good case for utilizing a second data source instead of all those parameters.  Do the values have to be entered on screen instead of utilizing a data source?  Creating a dynamic number of parameters isn't something that I have ever heard as a request before and with a quick look, I think it could get difficult to manage.


          Any other ideas come up since this was posted? 



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            Kristy McGee

            I actually started using the 'Popping Parameters' trick from The Information Lab.  It was a pretty ingenious way to get around the problem. 


            The main issue we face is that we have no way to currently join the data sources from Salesforce and our platform, so I instituted the parameters as a way to allow the user to get the current balance (input value in parameter, that is calculated off of our platform data for a balance). 


            To fix this, i had 35 separate sheets that all had hardcoded filters - each for a specific course.  Then I would take Sheet1 and Parameter 1 and place them in a vertical container.  I would place it on the dashboard at a fixed x&y.  The sheet would be fit to 'entire size' so when the user selected the first course, the sheet would extend the parameter where it should be.  Sheet 2 and Parameter 2 have same x and y coordinates, but its 30 pixels longer to allow for the parameter to show.


            This worked great, but they doubled the amount of courses requested and I need to make a static entry page.  Thank you for your help though!