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    Exclude holidays which falls on weekends

    Manish Mishra

      2 excel sheet as datasource having cols as follows

      1st sheet--start date,end date (gives a range of date ie b/w 5.7.13 to 10.8.14)

      2nd sheet--dates,days (days ie. sunday,mon,tue corresponding to set of holidays)

      Dates are given in DATETIME format ie.09/12/2013 09:08:08



      Now,find out how many holidays falls on saturday and sunday between given start/end date.

      I'm working on tableau desktop 8.2.

      In order to proceed i got no clue how to either blend or join these tables(as there is no common field).

      For eg. my requirement is - let an employee starts working on 5jun 13 and left office on 5aug 14. I need to find how many holidays falls on saturday and sunday in his work tenure.

      Even on excel I used all functions like And,index,match,countif,networkday but without storing objects it doesn't seem easy there also.

      (as networkday function excludes all holidays and weekends but again i've to exclude sat/sun from holiday as it was already counted by networkday function).

      Plz provide Tableau solution.

      Any help will be appreciated.