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    Bug Report: 3 things that shouldn't happen during HA failover

    Glauber Ribeiro

      I have just done some HA failover testing with Tableau Server 8.3.1, and found a couple of old bugs and one that i hadn't seen before.


      1. (old) "tabadmin failoverprimary" on the new primary server, causes workers to stop.
        This makes it impossible to have a failover without donwtime.
      2. (old) Uninstalling Tableau Server from the old (failed from) server causes workers to stop.
        Another annoyance, and further conspires against reducing downtime during a failover.
      3. (new) Name, logo and smalllogo customizations reverted to default after a failover.
        I don't know if this one is really new, or just something i hadn't observed before.