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    Tableau Public not drawing properly

    Steve Wexler



      Anybody else seeing this problem?


      1. Go to https://public.tableausoftware.com/profile/swexler#!/vizhome/AFJ_Judicial_Dashboard_SW_December21_2014/Dashboard1
      2. Click Texas (any state will do).  Not all of the columns redraw properly, as shown here:

      Note that this works fine on desktop and with Tableau Online; it just doesn't work with Public.


      Anybody else seeing this?





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          Russell Christopher

          What is the behavior you expect? I don't quite follow. Looks like you have an "Exclude All" action filter in place which hides the stuff in the lower viz until someone clicks a state...and when I click a state it seems to render the way you want it to.


          Anyway, Public is running a lot of 9.0 code right now, so that could be the difference.


          Does this run OK on a local Tableau Server, too?


          Any difference if you force Server vs. Browser rendering by adding ?:render=true


          (or render=false)?

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            Steve Wexler



            Just download the workbook and run it locally.  You will immediately see that the columns labelled "Controlling Senators" and "Reason for Vacancy" are populated with text values. 


            Here's what it *should* look like, and what it did look like until recently:



            There does not seem to be any change in behavior when adding the :render= options.


            Let me know if you need any more information to reproduce.