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    Row level calculation

    Mike Brooks

      Hello everyone. I am mining data for the agency I work for and ran into an issue. I have got the data I need on 2 rows. I need to perform a simple calculation based on the values in the two rows. I need to sum the two values. Once I have the sum, I need to divide one of the numbers by the sum to get a percentage of accuracy. Example, Row 1 has a value of 514/ Row 2 has a value of 409. When I sum, these, I get 923. Now I need to take row 2 value 409 and divide it by the sum 923 so 409/923 to get a value of .4431 or 44.31%.


      The problem is, I do not know how to access the numbers from the rows, or the calculation language in Tableau language to achieve the results I am looking for.


      I created set 1 (row 1) and set 2 (row 2) and tried to sum them but got errors. I think it is pulling the names of the rows not the numbers. I have attached a screenshot to try and help explain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.