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    Help with creating a calcualted field for a range of ages

    Mike Brooks

      Hello everyone,


      I am pretty new to Tableau, had a introductory training that I am trying to put to use. I work for an agency that has asked me to put together a number of dashboards to show varying data. One of which is specific to age groups of clients we serve. I am having difficulty capturing the age range. What I am trying to do is import all the active client in a region. From this group, I need to isolate those that are in a transition age range (14-24). I found that I can ask Tableau to bring back those <= or >= 14 or 24, but I am struggling to find the correct terms to provide a range. This is what works so far, but like I said, I am missing the cut off for the younger clients:


      [Age] <= 24 THEN "Youth"

      Else "General Clients"



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.