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    Publishing Tableau Story connected to HANA Views throws LIBODBCHDB32.DLL error

    badri sridharan

      Have you been able to resolve this issue please? could you please advise?

      I'm doing pretty much the same thing like you have mentioned and its throwing the same error.


      I have tried to create the Tableau Story using Tableau Desktop 8.3 (32 bit) and connected both directly to SAP HANA connector as well as through ODBC and published to Tableau Server, but still same DLL error.



      1) Installed both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows HANA Client on the Tableau Server

      2) Created System DSN using HDBODBC and HDBODBC32 and named it exactly like what I have locally HANA_ONE_R52_1


      Also, there was post on on scn.sap.com (http://scn.sap.com/thread/3482750) that seems to suggest that we need to do two things.

      1. Setting up the Console Client  -- SAP HANA Cloud Platform

      2. Opening the Database tunnel -- SAP HANA Cloud Platform


      However, I'm not sure if this applied only to connecting to SAP HANA Cloud only. Since we have HANA hosted on AWS Cloud, would this apply in our case?


      Greatly appreciate your response.



      badri sridharan