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    Javascript API get size of worksheet post rendering

    David Henrickson

      Some of the worksheets we are displaying have varying number of rows.  Our app is embedded in a a webpage, and for whatever reason, on mobile platforms, it is hard or impossible to get tableau's scrollbars to show up when content exceeds the size of the iframe.


      However, we can easily deal with that- if we can just grow the iframe to the size of the content, the page itself will scroll properly in mobile apps, which it does if we just set a giant number like 4000px;


      But that leaves giant amount of white space.  Is there a way to get the extents of the iframe content back to the application in order to resize the iframe to fit the content?


      It would be great if getSize() or getWorksheetInfo() would return something about that, since cross-origin issues prevent the app from getting this directly from the iframe.


      Any ideas welcome!