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    Create a global filter for two different data source

    Karthik Venkatraman



      I have two data source one for the product and another for the sales. In both the data source I have a product ID column. These two data source are SQL datasource and I cant join these two data source using a SQL join query due to some restrictions.


      I have created two sheets one to represent the count of the product across the region with one data source and another sheet to represent the sales of that product across region with another data source. In both the sheets I have the Product ID included but from their appropriate data source.


      I have placed the two worksheets in a dashboard and I want to create a single filter over the product ID that will work on both the two sheets to filter the data in the dashboard. I tried to link the product ID in both the data source however the filter is applied over only one worksheet in the dashboard.


      Can anyone help me in achieving this?


      I want to create a single filter that needs to filter data based on two data sources.