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    Hi there, I am another BI dude interested in Tableau now.

    ali twaij

      This is my wish list so far for Tableau


      1. Be able to create a menu page with ease like with ssrs. With each menu item connectable to a dashboard. And the dashboard having a link that takes back to the menu page. Ie add a small layer of web development ability that helps wire things up easily and nicely. SSRS can do that via right clicking a text item and setting the on click to target a specific report for instance. If you can do this in tableau you are onto a winner I think. This would make navigation much more easy for users and we wouldn’t need to buy software that embedds dashboards for ease of navigation and presentation etc.
      2. Work books on a server , can we make their datasource property editable so that we can point it to different datasources eg an extract ds or a server ds etc.