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    change many embedded connections

    Joan Ferrer



      we are moving a database to another Server and we have many reports with embedded Connections where it was introduced the IP. Is there a way to change all the IPs automatically?

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          vikram bandarupalli



          You have to update the data connections manually. If you're the admin you can do this by updating all the connections pointing to the old server IP to the new IP. Once the data connection is updated and pointed to the new IP, all the embedded connections will work as expected.


          - This option is available under the data connections tab and only visible if you're admin.

          - Under data Connections tab, Input your old IP's and perform a search. This should retrieve all the connections and you can update all at once by selecting all and edit.


          It's always a good practice to use an DNS name instead of the IP's.



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            Michael Carper

            So you used the server IP to connect to the database, and now the IP has changed? So you need to change all all the connections to the new IP?


            If your workbooks use direct connections to the database IP, then no, there is no native way en masse to change the connection.


            However, if the workbooks are connected through the Data Server, you can change the host used by the Data Server in Admin -- <connection name> -- Modify.