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    Filter issue using Tabcmd

    Gabriel Piche



      I am trying to use tabcmd to export multiple pdf from my dashboard. I need to create a couple hundreds of reports which use all the same template but that are filtered by the StoreID variable. To do so I decided to use tabcmd export command.


      I am using the following command:

      tabcmd export "Dashboard/View?StoreID=2" --fullpdf --pagelayout landscape --filename StoreID.pdf --timeout 100

      (Using a batch file to go through all possible Store IDs)


      When I do this ALL the report get filtered by the variable StoreID=2, is there a way to specify the sheets I want to filter in the command line?


      Some sheets of my report are filtered by the StoreID but some sheets are showing a more global view (results by region, zone, etc). Those sheets shouldn't be filtered by the StoreID otherwise I won't be able to see the global results. I only see the results from the specific store.


      Is there a way to filter specific sheets or is there a work around to get what I am looking for?





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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Gabriel Piche,


          I believe URL filters are global but what about duplicating the data source and making the view that is supposed to be filtered from the copied data source?  The field in the secondary data source may need to be renamed ... so imagine if this was Superstore - using the field State to filter.


          You would copy the data source, and rename [State] to [StateForFilter] or something and then use that in the URL?  One view in the dashboard would utilize this other data source and the rest would not. 



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            Not sure if this is your issue, but a new version of the server products were released today which may help. In the release notes it is talking about fixing an issue with parameter changing and exporting pdfs.

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              Gabriel Piche

              Thanks Patrick!


              I have been using your solution and it works well, was just wondering if there would've been a work around with some tabcmd line in order to minimize the number of data sources connected to my dashboard.


              I'll go look at those release notes right now, thanks Leland.