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    Unexpected error ( Tableau Server)

    Pablo D Speranza

      Hi. Since the update to the 8.3 version of the server I'm getting this error message in a random way when I use Tableau Server:




      Where I can find more information because the error descriptions ( in Tableau in general) aren't descriptives?


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          Dan Huff



          Here are some things that can help us figure out what is going on here.


          1. Download and install Fiddler (Fiddler free web debugging proxy)
          2. Open Fiddler
          3. Reproduce the error
          4. Send the Fiddler and your Tableau Server logs to support@tableausoftware.com


          Please also include information around your reproduction steps and what browser you are using to reproduce the issue. This may give the team enough to work off of. If not, the team will reach out for more information.


          I hope this helps,


          Dan Huff

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            Eric McDonald

            We'e seen this occasionally. It may not be a tableau Server problem it may be the web browser your using.


            (1) Which version of Tableau Server are you using?

            (2) Which web browser and which (exact) versions are you using.

            (3) Are your Tableau server and web browsers using the latest up-to-date patches?

            (4) How are you referencing the Tableau URL, are you embedding using the ?:embed=y tag?

            (5) Have you tried resetting the web browser cache?


            Remember it's really helpful if you include details of the version of Tableau you are using, which data source (if relevant), which client o/s, and any other relevant technical info in your posts.