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    max date OK, corresponding $ not OK


      I've simplified this for the purposes of this exercise. I have a table like so:


      Wrap #Day of DateCustomer Name$
      W13102010/25/2013Customer A$90
      W1310206/19/2014Customer A$1,100
      W1310209/8/2014Customer A$902
      W1310209/26/2014Customer A$903



      Customer A




      Customer B



      Max(date) is a calculated field, formula max(date) - pretty straight forward.  But when I make my analysis, instead of getting the last two rows of the table (above table) which represent the last date each customer bought something, I get the right dates, but with the min $ amount (or max $) of what the customer bought, not what they bought that day. My results are:


      W13102011/3/2014Customer A$90
      W13102110/8/2013Customer B$2,100


      The dates are right, but it's not returning the $ for that particular date. How do I grab not only the max / last day and also the $ for that date only?


      Thanks in advance.