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    Building a decision tree

    Olivier CATHERIN



      I am working on building an interactive decision tree in Tableau. My idea is the following :

      - example dataset : superstore

      - hierarchy to buid : 1-oder priority -> 2-ship mode -> 3-container

      I am not focusing on the indicators yet but only on the viz.


      The methodology I am working on is inspired on the sankey graph method Sankey diagram made of dynamically generated polygons

      but this time not using polygones. Basically, I would like to represent using curves the following table :

      decision tree table.jpg

      And of course, I want it all in the same viz (not a dashboard).


      The method :

      1) Create starting point and ending point of the curve for the first part :

      I can easily create a Position 1 and a position 2 for the first part using table calculation with specific configuration.

      2) Create the curve showing the first step.

      Using the sigmoid method from Jeffrey Shaffer, I can build the whole first step easily :

      decision tree first step.jpg


      But when I try to build the second part, I encounter a strong issue. Since my data should be sorted regarding a hierarchy using the 3 dimensions, the second part doesn't show properly (I have to include the 3 levels in the details, which really doesn't show the data properly). I have tried every configuration in the table calc parameters for position 2 bis and position 3 but I really can't achieve the view. Does anybody have an idea ?


      I enclosed my working workbook !


      Thx a lot for helping

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