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    Why the Confusion?

    Shawn Wallwork

      Most of us forum folks get a bit frustrated when we are treated as if we are Tableau Customer Support. We get grumpy when URGENT is included in the forum post. Mostly we are offended when questioners don't understand we are all (mostly) unpaid volunteers! But this happens over, and over again.




      Here's my answer:

      Are We Support.png


      When a newcomer clicks 'Support' in the main Tableau menu, they get the drop-down menu shown above. 'Support' in my mind mean 'Tech Support'. It means there should be something I can click that will get me to 'support', or 'Tableau support' or 'Tableau tech support'. Yet the 'real' support is hidden behind the words 'Customer Portal'. Really? I wouldn't click this option if I was looking for support, would you? This would be the last thing I would think was tech support. It sounds like account management stuff.


      So it seems to me that newcomers are coming to our forums, asking questions because they don't know where else to go. And they assume this is where Tableau wants them to ask their questions.


      If this is NOT the case then rename 'Customer Portal' something like: "Contact Customer Support"


      Then it would be clear who is who and what is what.



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Shawn,


          Totally agree with this and have been trying to champion this internally. Fingers crossed, it will come!



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            KK Molugu



            You bring up a good point about the location of the forum on the Support section and the perception that it is creating on the new comers.


            About the expectations from the forum, I feel partially this could have been contributed by the unconditional support that we (the forum helpers) have created in the past and everyone like less than an hour response and most likely a solution.



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              Matt Lutton

              I have heard from many folks that when contacting Tableau support with a question, it was suggested that they post their question(s) in the Forums.  Now, I agree that this is a good idea to get a wide range of inputs -- however, I wonder if that also contributes to what you are pointing out.



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