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    How can I select multiple date ranges  using parameters

    Raghu Ganapathy

      I am sorry if this has been answered already, but I searched through the forums and knowledge base and am not sure if there is a solution out there.


      I have a sales data by day for multiple years. I want to be able to compare sales performance for a date range this year with a different date range from last year. This becomes very useful when the holiday season changes for e.g., Easter week in 2014 was over April 14 to Apr 20th, whereas in 2013 it was from 25th March to 30th March.

      While I could use a quick filter on days to pick the days I want to be compared, it becomes cumbersome when I have multiple years of data and the filter list becomes really long.

      So thought someone out there would have had a similar business need and have devised an elegant way to do this simply using parameters. I am trying but not successful to get the second range defined.

      thanks so much