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    Jeff Strauss

      Have any of you had any luck with getting a smalllogo to "stick"?  It seems that upon doing a restore --no-config (i.e. cutting over to new hardware and restoring from a backup), the smalllogo is blown away and just a blank image appears.  The other logo "tabadmin customize logo" works fine.


      I have tried applying this as part of the config prior to the restore.


      tabadmin customize smalllogo G:\Scripts\ServerAdmin\Custom_and_adhoc\insights_32.png

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          Dan Huff

          What version are you using? I believe we had a bug on this in the past which I can try and look up to see if it has been fixed and, if so, what version it is fixed in. For now you likely just have to do the restore --no-config, customize smalllogo, configure, start process with tabadmin



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            Jeff Strauss

            8.3.0, I have a script that does a "tabadmin restore --no-config" and then does a "tabadmin stop" and then a "tabadmin customize smalllogo".  The problem is that with my new deployment, I went to H.A. and I think the "stop" killed the replication of my repository and D.E.  So for right now I commented out the stop and smalllogo stuff.