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    "A newer version of the published data source is available"

    Michael Carper

      Whenever I edit a workbook that has published an extract to the server with a scheduled refresh, I get this message:


      "A newer version of the published data source is available. Would you like to use the latest version?"


      If I say no, then it will use data from the last time the data was re-published to the server. (ie, last time it was manually refreshed in the workbook). This uses the .tde created when it was re-published.


      If I say yes, then it will reference the .tde in whatever temp directory is being used. It also resets the connection name to something like CSV.41914.66524666664. The new location for the .tde is in the User\AppData\Temp directory.


      What's tripping me up is that the workbook in question has two data sources, both of which are published as extracts to the server with daily update schedules. Only one gets the "out of date" message. However, both are equally out-of-date.


      Why isn't the desktop "catching" the other out-of-date workbook? It might be worth pointing out that the extract location for the other non-noticed out-of-date workbook isn't in a Temp directory, it's in the original directory specified when the extract was created/published. (Also, both sources are for CSVs, with the Text File (legacy) connection).


      I'm also wondering how I can avoid having to rename the outdated connection every time I edit it.