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    How to find the first prior and future business day from today?

    Rod Menken

      I have a data base with a a field named weekday_indicator (Y/N) and a field named  holiday_indicator.  I want the view to display 3 columns, Current Business Day, Future Business Day, and Prior Business Day.  The current business day will be selected by the user from a drop down calendar(using the date field).  I want tableau to then find the prior business day and the next business day.    For example, if this is monday after thanksgiving (Dec 1,2014), the user would select Dec 1, 2014 as the current business day, and then Tableau would find the prior business day, which for us would be Wednesday 11/26/2014 and the next future business day would be Tuesday, 12/2/2014.


      In addition, it would like to force the user to select a valid business date, in other words, the current day selected must have the weekday_indicator="Y" AND the holiday_indicator="N".