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    Tableau SERVER 8 Qualified Associate help!

    Rich Hemmings



      Thanks for reading this thread.


      I'm relatively new to Tableau but have a technical background and experience with other BI tools such as QlikView.

      I've been using Tableau Desktop for a few months and Server for about two.

      I've deployed multiple Servers both internally and for Client projects with success as well as gained the basics in producing dashboards.


      My question is...

      My business want me to complete the Tableau Server 8 Qualified Associate exam, and while I am comfortable with all the on-demand material and have attended an 'Advanced' webinar I don't feel confident that I've had enough knowledge to pass the exam.


      Can anyone help me out?

      The exam prep topics seem very extensive and the materials and webinars that are available only seem to cover about 50% of the exam content?

      I've use the Microsoft Academy and Supporting books which are great at providing topic based learning and practice exams... is there anything similar for Tableau Server? Are there any other materials available online/ good books/ courses to help reinforce my knowledge and ensure exam success?


      Thanks for taking the time to read this and in advance for any reply!




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