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    How to use LOOKUP, WINDOW_SUM and others ?

    Chris McClellan

      I'm relatively new to Tableau, and I've just realised that LOOKUP & WINDOW_SUM don't work like I expect them to.  In the attachment I have 6 rows ...


      Row 1 (index) ... works exactly as I would expect

      Row 2 (profit) ... simple as well, if this didn't work I'd be very worried

      Row 3 (lookup first) ... not a problem, just get the first value all the time


      Now the problems start:


      Row 4 (lookup index) ... shouldn't this display the same as Row 2 ?

      Row 5 (Window Sum) ... same way of getting the same thing right ?, well, it works the same as Row 4 but it should be working the same as Row 2

      Row 6 (LAST YEAR) ... this is the problem I'm really trying to solve.  There should be no values for months in 2010, and Jan 2011 should be -7379 (ie Jan 2010 value).


      I don't understand how LOOKUP & WINDOW_SUM work, or are they working properly at all ?


      Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.